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The NTBA Scholarship Program


David Scheuer

Ian Gillis

Ian Gillis

The NTBA Scholarship Program was initiated in memory of David Scheuer upon his passing in August 2015 from ALS.  He was a founding member of the NTBA and remained an active board member through his last Roundtable in the Spring of 2015.  He believed in the NTBA as a way to share ideas by inviting new urban real estate development professionals from across the country to come together and study existing and emerging great mixed-use town centers.  David enjoyed the camaraderie of the NTBA, the exchange of lessons, and was always excited to implement ideas in his own projects. David especially believed in education through experience and was committed to working to provide opportunities for those starting their careers to expand their horizons.

In 2017, a second scholarship was added to the program in honor of NTBA Board Member Ian Gillis who passed away in 2016. Ian enjoyed more than 35 years in the real estate industry, both in the United States and the United Kingdom, and co-founded Urban Community Partners in 2001 to focus on walkable, smart growth Traditional Neighborhood Design projects. Ian was passionate about “creating neighborhoods and communities with vision and tradition; enduring environments which will provide future generations with remarkable places in which to live.”

The NTBA is honored to offer these Scholarships as an opportunity for two students to experience a new place, meet leaders in the field, and adapt the lessons into his/her own future.

The recipients of the NTBA Scholarships will attend an NTBA Roundtable as our guest and will be recognized as the recipients of this honor during the conference.  The scholarship recipients will also be reimbursed for up to $400 in transportation costs and $400 in lodging/meal costs.

The NTBA Scholarship Fund
The NTBA believes that furthering the education of the next generation of town builders in the fundamentals we all hold so dear is the best way of honoring David’s and Ian’s years of dedicated work.

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