2016 Brings a Fresh New Look


We’re Lovin’ It!


Jamiee Reinertsen

Jamiee Reinertsen

You may have noticed the NTBA is sporting a new logo.  Our handsome new logo was designed by Sparkfire Branding, compliments of Sparkfire’s Partner and Chief Creative Officer Jaimee Reinertsen, one of our newest NTBA members.
“We love this new look for the NTBA because it is such a great combination of classic and contemporary – which really reflects the association itself,” explains Jaimee.  “The clean lines and bold red have a very current appeal, while the serif font is timeless. The mark will be able to stand alone where appropriate, and will reproduce equally well in large- and small-scale formats.”
Jaimee should know.  She’s been in the advertising industry for years, leading the creative departments for some of the top real estate advertising firms in the industry and producing outstanding work for several new urban developers.  Now, Jaimee’s efforts are focused primarily on new urban developments across the nation. Check out Sparkfire’s new website soon.

A Warm Welcome to our 2016 Leadership


Ward Davis, NTBA President

Ward Davis, NTBA President

Herb Freeman, NTBA Vice President

Herb Freeman, NTBA Vice President

Bob Turner, NTBA Treasurer

Bob Turner, NTBA Treasurer

Please extend a warm welcome to our NTBA officers and board members for 2016.  Our association will be led by Ward Davis, President; Herb Freeman, Vice President; Bob Turner, Treasurer; and board members Ian Gillis, Grant Humphreys, Steve Maun, Catie Rabun, David Roper, and Frank Starkey.  We appreciate their serving as volunteers to help further the mission of the NTBA:



  • We are town builders committed to the successful development of smart growth neighborhoods that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • We believe that it is important to support each other and future colleagues in creating communities of excellence that will serve as local and regional models of responsible development.
  • We wish to enhance the skills and meet the business needs of our members through peer networking and collaborative education.
  • We believe that in the development and redevelopment of America’s neighborhoods it is not only possible, but highly desirable, to do well by doing good. The pursuit of this goal requires continuous professional collaboration and leadership. 

Many thanks to our outgoing president, Steve J. Maun, who will continue as a board member, and John Rinehart, who is stepping down from the board.

Plan Now to Attend Two Amazing Roundtables in 2016!



The 2016 NTBA Spring Roundtable  will be held on Friday afternoon, April 8-10 in Charleston and Summerville, South Carolina.  Joe Barnes and WestRock Land and Development will be our hosts as we explore working with large volume builders as a team to create a shared place and tremendous value.
Tours of two of West Rock’s terrific new projects, Nexton andSummers Corner, will be highlights and learning habitats for the curious minds of our urban developers.
A “Lowcountry Tour” of some of the notable new urban neighborhoods in the Southeast will precede the Spring Roundtable beginning on Thursday, April 7 and continuing until the Roundtable begins on Friday afternoon.
Grant Humphreys, Town Founder of   Carlton Landing, Oklahoma and  Blair Humphreys of   Wheeler District in  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will be our hosts for  the   2016 NTBA Fall Roundtable.
The vision for Carlton Landing – to create a new town from scratch – is no small undertaking. The master plan for Carlton Landing is large in scale covering 2,100 acres and providing for 3,000 homes, a town center complete with shops and restaurants, a K-12 school, a nature center, and a town farm. But the process of starting from scratch in a remote rural area in 2008 required careful execution of an incremental phasing strategy.
Today, with 100 completed homes, Carlton Landing is the first New Urbanist project to incorporate into its own municipality. It has also established a culture centered around living intentionally, discovering a new sense of community, and experiencing a life well lived.
From the rural greenfield to the urban brownfield, Wheeler District promises to be Oklahoma City’s next great urban neighborhood. As the waterfront redevelopment of a downtown airport, Wheeler District is the first and only large scale master planned development in the urban core of Oklahoma City. With 160 acres of prime waterfront land, Wheeler District is creating a place for the urban lifestyle to flourish. Come hear how Blair Humphreys is using bike crits and Ferris wheels to connect with millennials in Oklahoma City.
These two new projects are ripe for exploration about public/private partnerships, how place can create lifestyle, the ins and outs of community building, and how to carefully execute a plan to build market momentum and take the project from 0 to 60.
More info to come.  Stay tuned!



Members are given the first opportunity to register for two Roundtables each year — important as we’ve started selling out early. Guests are able to register for one Roundtable prior to becoming a NTBA Member.  To attend subsequent Roundtables, membership is required.
Town or Urban Developer:  $600 per person
A Town or Urban Builder is a principal or high-level management team member of a company engaged in the process of acquiring land, developing a master plan, or developing a neighborhood, town, or urban infill project based upon the principles of Smart Growth.
Associate Member: $300 per person
These include employees and partners of a primary Town or Urban Developer member, members of the public sector, or non-profit agencies engaged in Smart Growth development. PLEASE USE THIS CATEGORY ONLY IF YOU ARE JOINING IN CONJUNCTION WITH A PRIMARY TOWN OR URBAN DEVELOPER MEMBER.
Next Gen Member:  $300 per person
Individuals 35 years or younger who are engaged in activities meeting the description of a Town or Urban Developer, either for themselves or on behalf of an employer are eligible for Next Gen membership.
Allied Professional:  $600 per person 
Individuals, corporations, or businesses that provide services to the industry.  Registry members may not vote.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALLIED PROFESSIONALS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

David Scheuer Scholarship Fund Established

Fund to Help Educate the Next Generation of Town Builders



The David Scheuer NTBA Scholarship Fund has been established in honor of long-time friend and NTBA Board Member, David Scheuer, who passed away in 2015 from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

David was an instrumental figure on the NTBA Board, helping to guide the organization through many ups and downs over the years.  His commitment to attend each and every Roundtable and to visit as many projects as possible made him an invaluable resource to fellow members and colleagues.  In addition to the NTBA, David was a long serving member with ULI who participated in countless ULI Case Studies.  David traveled extensively to assist in numerous ULI studies that were profoundly helpful to many cities and towns around the country.

The David Scheuer NTBA Scholarship Fund  will support one student member’s attendance to an NTBA Roundtable as a guest. We believe that furthering the education of the next generation in the fundamentals we all hold so dear would be the best way of honoring David ‘s years of dedicated work.

To contribute to the fund, please click here.


Monica V. Johnson, NTBA Director

The National Town Builders’ Association is organized to serve builders and developers throughout the nation  in an effort to build the very best traditional neighborhoods and town centers.  As a peer-to-peer organization, the NTBA provides an unequaled opportunity to share information  and insight with the nation’s premier Town Builders.
We invite you to learn more about the NTBA at or by contacting Monica V. Johnson at or 914-715-5576.



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