The National Town Builders Association is taking a leading role as the organization continues its mission of sharing information and education regarding the development of town and urban centers of enduring value.The NTBA is the only town and urban developer association that exists in which the knowledge and experience gained from creating town centers is freely shared.  The lessons learned can save time, energy, and money.  The relationships gained can be a resource and a joy.

We invite you to join the NTBA as a new or renewing member.

Note that NTBA membership is required to attend NTBA Roundtables; additional registration fees apply.

There are two ways to join:

1. Complete and mail your Membership Application, along with a check payable to the “NTBA” in the appropriate amount, to:  NTBA, Attn:  Monica V. Johnson, 9655 24th Bay ST, Norfolk, VA 23518

2. Select your desired membership level(s) below by clicking ADD TO CART below the appropriate level description(s). Your shopping cart will appear at the bottom of this page. Click CHECKOUT WITH PAYPAL to pay via credit card.

Town/Urban Developer:  $600 per person 
Principal or High-Level Management


Associate Membership: $400 per person
Partners and employees of a primary Town/Urban Developer or Affiliated Professional member


Next Gen Membership:  $400 per person 
35 Years Old or Younger


Allied Professional Membership:  $600 per person 
Subject to Board Approval


Not-for-Profit Membership:  $400 per person 

Members of the public sector or non-profit agencies engaged in Smart Growth development.


The National Town Builders Association’s Scholarship Program has been established to help educate emerging leaders in the new urban industry who will work to develop extraordinary mixed-use built environments for future generations to enjoy.  Two scholarships are awarded during each NTBA Roundtable to students who are studying in a related field.  The scholarships are in honor of two of our late Board members and friends, David Scheuer and Ian Gillis.  David Scheuer passed away in 2015 from Lou Gehrig’s disease and Ian Gillis passed away in 2016. Each Scholarship will support a student member’s attendance and travel to an NTBA Roundtable as our guest. We believe that furthering the education of the next generation in the fundamentals we all hold so dear is the best way of honoring David’s and Ian’s years of dedicated work.

Contributions can be made in $25 increments. Clicking ADD TO CART here will add a $25 contribution to your shopping cart. If you wish to contribute a higher amount, simply change the quantity next to this item in the shopping cart. (Ex: To contribute $100, change the quantity to 4 and hit enter to update your shopping cart.) Please note that contributions are not tax-deductible.